Safety Equipment for Adventures

Forget Indiana Jones with his whip and safari hat. A real adventurer or explorer needs a lot of gear and equipment to keep him/her safe from harm. There is also the specialized equipment that will get you the readings and other information necessary to avoid dangers or make a new discovery. So before you slap on that hat, maybe you should think about investing in the following items.

Protect Your Head

This is especially true if you are going exploring in hostile regions Down Under. It’s imperative that you hit up safe flight helmets store Australia before you decide to take the chopper ride over the desert. There are lots of things that can go wrong and your head is the most important part of your body. Limbs can be replaced and even a heart can be transplanted into you but if your brain suffers any damage whatsoever, you can kiss your life goodbye. So do not compromise on this aspect of protecting yourself.

Back It Up

The second most important piece of equipment would be protection for your spinal cord. Always wear a jacket with proper harnessing and padding that will support your back. Even a minor fracture along the spinal cord can paralyze you permanently because the nerves running along that length of bone are super sensitive and mostly non-reparable. Practice certain falls and jumps before you venture out on your own on any adventure so that you know how to protect yourself. Learn all the ways that you can do first aid on someone who might meet with an accident so that you are prepared for the wild.

Where Are You?

Never ever go out adventuring without a good idea of where you are and where you are likely to head into. It may seem romantic to be lost in the woods – literally – but it is anything but. There are plenty of wild beasts and other dangers lurking and in order to protect yourself, you will need GPS equipment or at least an old fashioned compass and map. A GPS reader/locator would be ideal because they usually transmit location data both ways via satellite, making it one of the most easily locatable pieces of equipment you can take with you. If you suddenly need an extraction from a situation, you can beam your location to the nearest facility and request assistance.

Communication is Key

Most mobile phones now have impressive wave lengths but if you are walking into an area with naturally poor reception, then maybe you should invest in some radios. Take walkie-talkies to talk with the rest of your party and make sure everyone has one. You should also station someone back in civilization to monitor your calls on tan previously agreed radio frequency in order to make sure nothing goes wrong. Remember every dinosaur movie ever? First thing that happens to the first guy that gets eaten is losing their comm link.

Image: Mountaineer

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